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Field Work

In addition to calibrating the mathematical model using the flume data, hillslope and catchment scale field data will be used. The field data from MOPS sites and existing data collected by Dr Mark Nearing from the Coshocton catchment, Ohio, will be used.

The MOPS field sites consist of a variety of 3 m wide hillslope sections which have been managed differently in attempt to reduce erosion. The sites are Hattons, Wolverhampton; Rosemaund, Hertfordshire; and Loddington, Leicestershire.

A plot of land at Lancaster has been prepared for data collection over the spring of 2009. Within the plot, three sub-plots of different lengths have been marked out. An initial survey of the plot using a laser scanner has been carried out.


Mathematical Modelling, Experiments & Field Evaluation

Multi-dimensional Soil Erosion & Associated Chemical Transport

A MOPS field site.

Field site at Hazelrigg, Lancaster.