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Laser Scanning

A survey of the Hazelrigg field site was carried out in Jan 2009 using a newly-acquired state-of-the-art laser scanner, the Leica ScanStation 2.

Our original intention was to scan the plot from a vantage point on the opposite slope (see below, Position 1).The scan, however, was negatively impacted by a combination of factors, namely, the angle of the slope relative to the scanner and the colour/reflectance of the tilled soil. We decided therefore to scan from Positions 2 (bottom of plot) and 3 (middle of plot) instead.

The overall result (combining the datasets) is shown on the right, with a close-up of the meshed surface near Position 3 below. The level of detail at locations near the scanner is very high, with the microtopography well-captured. It would not be practical, however, to cover the whole plot with this level of detail. For practical modelling purposes, we would use the macrotopography instead.


Mathematical Modelling, Experiments & Field Evaluation

Multi-dimensional Soil Erosion & Associated Chemical Transport

Overview of laser scanning field work, showing contours over the experimental plot. The data points were combined from three datasets obtained at different scanning positions.

Close-up of the soil surface near Position 3.

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